A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Come aboard Tempus Fugit!
Pay a fine by talking with strange passengers about their most personal memories.

Tempus Fugit has been made for Ludum Dare #44 by a team of five:

Camille Blum : 2D/3D artist

Simon Hembert : Programmer

Melissa Petrucci : UI artist - Narrative Design

Anthony Plomion : Sound Designer

Ugo Trelis : Game/Level/Narrative Design


tempusfugit_win64.zip 50 MB
tempusfugit_win32.zip 48 MB
tempusfugit_mac.zip 52 MB
tempusfugit_linux.zip 68 MB


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A nice trip :)


I love this! The background music fit so perfectly, and the rumbling of the train really helped seal the mood. This game is so sweet, and reminds me of the value memories hold. Thank you for making this.

Many thanks to you for this sweet feedback!! Glad you had a good time playing it.

Thx, I am no sound designer tho I did my best :p


Made a video


Great video! Thanks for playing our game :D

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tnx for the game and keep the good work:)

Thank you! ;)


Good game, good graphics, good music, the fish man voice creeps me out AND WOW LOOK AT THIS UI IT'S AWESOME I'VE NEVER SEEN AN AS GOOD WORK ON UI. WOW.


these stories gave me the feels! loved the game and i think a way to add more depth to the main character is maybe add different endings based on the order peps you talk to maybe?

Thank you very much for feedbacks! This is a great idea and definetly something we want to add if we iterate on the development.

Also the video is fantastic!


Sweet! cant wait! let me know if you do and ill take another wack at it!


Came for the graphics, stayed for the stories (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

It's a short game, but I felt relaxing when listening to their stories. Every passenger is so friendly, and I just love the story they told. It was short, but mesmerizing.


Many thanks for the sweet feedbacks and the video Caiyte!
Glad you enjoyed to meet these exotic travellers :)